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The X-plore 4700 is a single filter half mask respirator especially designed for optimal protection and airtightness.

The X-plore 4700 half mask respirator, a comfortable single filter gas mask by Dräger
  • Excellent comfort of use
  • Extremely rugged and durable
  • Easy to don and to take off
  • Available in two high quality materials
  • Compatible with Rd40 and Rd90 filter cartridges
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Additional information

The X-plore 4700 half-mask respirator has been especially designed for use with EN 148-1 compliant Rd40 filters and with the Rd90 specific filter cartridges. These filters feature a universal thread for easy connection to a full gas mask or a half-mask in order to provide maximum safety. Thus the single-filter gas mask is particularly well-suited for use with gas, particulates or combined filters (against both gases and particles).

The X-plore 4700 is available in two high quality materials versions to fit everyone. This way, the TPE version is made of thermoplastic elastomer – for paint applications – is well suited for people with normal skins whereas the gas mask version made of silicon is more relevant and comfortable for people with sensitive skin.

Thanks to its unique Drop Down system, the X-plore 4700 single filter gas mask can be quickly and easily taken off without removing other personal protective equipment such as helmet or safety googles. Indeed, this half mask respirator features a neck hook allowing its user to release the mask downwards.

The head harness and the nose area have been especially engineered for optimal comfort of use and maximum airtightness. Moreover, the X-plore 4700 single filter gas mask features adjustable straps to fit any face shape and any morphology without annoying its user.

Gas mask raspirators

Manufacturer : Dräger

Related applications: Asbestos

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