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The X-plore 3500 dual filter gas mask is a respiratory protective unit that combines comfort, protection and durability. Especially designed for use with the X-plore series bayonet filters.

X-plore 3500 gas mask
  • Excellent tightness and secure fit
  • Soft and innovative material for perfect adjustment
  • Easy to wear and to remove even with other personal protective equipment
  • Especially designed for a large field of vision
  • Fully compatible with X-plore series respiratory protective filters
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Additional information

The X-plore 3500 half face respirator is an air purifying device which allows its user to evolve in environments that may contain hazardous concentrations of gas or particles.

Combined with the X-plore series filters, this half-mask offers optimal tightness and protection against harmful gases, vapors and particles. Thanks to the specific design of this breathing protective device, it provides its wearer optimal comfort and perfect balance of the filters weight. As the filters connectors are located on both sides of the mask, user benefits from a large field of vision.

Made of a soft and innovative material, the X-plore 3500 half face respirator is the perfect combination of respiratory protective filters performance and hypoallergenic material resistant to chemical agents. Moreover, thanks to its X shape straps, the X-plore 3500 is easy to don and to remove and is perfectly well-suited for use with other personal protective equipment such as safety goggles or helmets. Because of its unique design and a neck clip, the X-plore 3500 respirator can be easily removed from the face without removing other PPE.

Available in three different sizes – S (small), M (medium), L (large) – this respiratory protective half mask was engineered to fit with any morphologies and faces without pressure for the user.


Gas mask respirators

Manufacturer : Dräger

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