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The Blackline Safety Loner Duo is a geolocated and connected PASS device Bluetooth synchronized to a personal alert safety system mobile app and an online monitoring platform. The Blackline Safety Loner Mobile application has various features dedicated to the protection of all isolated workers, such as fall or no-motion detection, safety check or the SOS button. Data and alerts are delivered directly to the 24-hour Blackline Alerts Monitoring Service, or to an internal online platform.

Geolocated PASS device Blackline Safety Loner Duo
  • Detection of falls or lack of movement (man down signal)
  • GPS tracking with approx. 5m accuracy
  • Bluetooth connection to the mobile app, iPhone®, Android ™ phone, and smart watches compatibility
  • Direct connection with an alert monitoring platform
  • SOS Latch or “panic” button that triggers an audible or silent alarm
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