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Rd DIN 40 gas mask filters from the X-plore series feature a universal 40 mm thread and provide efficient protection against toxic and harmful substances.

40 mm gas mask filters against: gas, particles, organic vapors and radioactive iodine

Drager X-plore gas mask filters: universal 40mm thread, CBRN and ABEK filters for PAPRs and gas masks
  • Cover a large range of toxic substances
  • Gas, particles or combined filters
  • 6 to 12 years operating life
  • Housing made of aluminium
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Additional information

X-plore Rd DIN 40 gas mask filters have been especially designed to remove gases and particles present in ambient air. Available to purify air from gases, particles or both (combined filters), these filters efficiently purify inhaled air from harmful and toxic substances present in ambient air.

Thanks to their 40 mm universal thread mounting system, they can be safely fixed to an air purifying respirator mask or a half-mask. These filters are cost-effective and widely used on shipyards, waste treatment plants, or even the steel and chemical industries.

As it is very large, this air purifying gas mask filters range offers protection against many substances from organic vapors up to radioactive iodine.

Especially engineered for improved resistance and long service life, these X-plore Rd DIN 40 mm gas mask filters can last up to 6 years for gas and combined filters and up to 12 years for particulates filters. Moreover, their housing is made of aluminum for enhanced safety. Furthermore, as aluminum can be easily deformed, in one glance users can easily identify if the filtering cartridge has been damaged or not. If the enclosure received a shock, the impact on deformed aluminum can be easily seen and the filter must not be used.

Lastly, compliant with the EN 14387 and/or EN 143:2000 European standards, Rd DIN 40 gas mask filters from the X-plore range are certified and labelled with a CE marking.


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Manufacturer : Dräger

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