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O2 or O2/CO2 OXYBABY portable analyzers are ideal to control modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

OXYBABY headspace gas analyzer for modified atmosphere packaging
  • Oxygen or oxygen / carbon dioxide concentrations monitoring.
  • Minimum sample gas requirement and flow control with blocked needle alarm.
  • Data-logging of last measurements for comparison.
  • Large backlit graphic display with multilingual menu.
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance costs.
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Additional information

The OXYBABY O2/CO2 gas analyzer is a battery-powered portable device especially designed to monitor gases in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). The OXYBABY gas analyzer is a cost effective alternative to tabletop analyzers for example in line with a HACCP system. As this analyzer requires only a very small quantity of gas (less than 10 ml per sample), it can check even the smallest food packaging with small headspace.

This portable gas detector can swiftly and accurately monitor samples. It features a special function to avoid wrong results:  a permanent flow control with automatic alarm in case of needle or filter clogging. This device also allows the administration of up to 25 users and the classification of results for up to 100 product names and 50 packaging lines.

The OXYBABY headspace gas analyzer is perfectly suitable for fast and exact sample analysis in atmospheres between 0 and 40°C, directly at the food packaging machine, in stores and laboratories. This ergonomic analyzer can be used wherever results have to be recorded, for example in the food industry or in breweries.

According to the device version, the large integrated device data storage can log up to several hundred results and allows long export intervals. Every result can then be downloaded and analyzed on a computer via USB port. Alternatively a pressure indication can be selected.

Its large backlit graphic display allows easy readings in a multilingual menu including amongst other languages English, French, German and Spanish.

An optional barcode reader – which is available for 6.0 version only – enables easy reading on user and product. A Bluetooth interface – available in option as well – offers user wireless communication for example to a printer.

The devices is provided with a charging device, a carrying case, spare needles and filters and a set of 100 rubber seals.

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