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The X-plore 5500 is a full facepiece respirator mask especially designed to provide its users breathing and visual protection against gases and particles.

X-plore 5500 gas mask by Drager: dual filter respirator
  • Airtight and secured design
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • 180° large field of view
  • Efficient ventilation system
  • Compatible with the X-plore filters range
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Additional information

Especially designed to provide an optimal protection in presence of gas or particles, the X-plore 5500 full facepiece respirator is widely used in many industrial applications (particularly in the chemical and steel industries) but also shipyard industry…

Equipped with a visor made of polycarbonate or triplex glass, the X-plore 5500 mask provides its wearer a large field of vision without distortion. The polycarbonate panoramic visor features a frame made of plastics and is highly resistant to shocks while the glass visor – with stainless steel frame – is treated against scratches and chemical products.

The mask itself features a specific dual seal with triple sealing edges to offer optimal tightness and protection. The body of the dual filter gas mask is made of ultra-resistant EPDM elastomer that fits any morphology and face shape. This way, the mask remains comfortable to wear. Moreover, thanks to its unique standard size, this full facepiece respirator is easy to transport and to store.

As it is a respiratory protective full face mask, steam can appear on the visor. In order to resolve this matter, the le X-plore 5500 is equipped with a special integrated ventilation system. This system has been engineered to protect the visor against any risk of condensation in order to ensure clear view in any situation.

Thanks to its comfortable 5-point flanged harness, the X-plore 550 can be worn and removed easily and quickly. Moreover, its connecting straps have been especially designed to avoid pressure on the head or the face of the user.

The X-plore 5500 dual filter gas mask features two connectors located on both sides to connect two air filtering cartridges. Furthermore, as the filters are positioned laterally and backwards, the field of vision of the user remains perfectly unobstructed. This breathing protection equipment is fully compatible with the X-plore series bayonet filters. These filters are especially designed to provide optimal protection against harmful gases, vapors and particles. Thanks to their bayonet connection system, they can be easily and quickly installed in order to operate as soon as possible.

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Manufacturer : Dräger

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