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The X-plore 6300 is a respiratory protective full face respirator. Cost effective, this is an ideal solution for industrial applications, providing users comfort and air purifying performance.

The X-plore 6300 full face respirator, a single filter gas mask by Dräger
  • Universal size
  • Large field of view
  • Hypoalergenic material
  • Integrated ventilation system
  • Compatible with X-plore Rd 40 filter series
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Additional information

The X-plore 6300 single filter gas mask is a respiratory protective device that has been especially designed for use in industrial environments.

Made of ultra-resistant and hypoalergenic EPDM elastomer, this full face respirator features a dual airtight seal for maximal reliability, comfort and safety. Cost-effective, this mask fits perfectly in any morphology and any face shape witout annoying its wearer.

The large facepiece visor is made of PMMA plexiglass (polymethyl methacrylate) and features a plastic frame to offer a large 180° field of view without distorsion and an outstanding panoramic view. This visor is also especially treated to be scratch resistant. Moreover, the X-plore 6300 mask is equipped with an integrated ventilation system in order to avoid presence of steam and condensation inside the full facepiece.

Thanks to its universal size and its 5-point specific harness, this respirator is very easy to don and to remove. The special design of its donning straps avoids any pressure on the head or the face of the user. This way, the X-plore 6300 can be worn during long periods of time without annoying the user. taille. Furthermore, thanks to this standard size and its low weight – approximately 500 grams – the X-plore 6300 single cartridge respirator is easier to carry and to store.

Lastly, this respiratory protective full face respirator is fully compatible with X-plore Rd 40 series filters. These filters feature universal 40 mm connector threads in compliance with the EN 148-1 European standard. These filters are especially designed to purify air from any contaminant that could be harmful for the user. This filter range provides reliable and efficient protection in any situation against toxic substances – gas or particles. Thus, the X-plore 6300 single filter gas mask can be equipped with a particle filter, a gas filter or a combined filter to respond to any demanding application.

Gas mask respirators

Manufacturer : Dräger

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