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The DUCT A ECO is a fully independent fresh air supplied air respirator that does not require special training, no compressed air cart, or breathing air compressor. Set in a safe area, its electric motor supplies one or two masks with fresh, breathable air.

DUCT A ECO fresh air supplied air respirator by Spasciani
  • Very economical solution: no compressed air cylinder, no air compressor!
  • Air supply hose up to 60m for 1 carrier or 30m for 2 carriers
  • Compatible with all RD DIN40 EN148-1 compliant masks
  • EN 138: 1994 approvals & EU 2016/425 regulations.
  • Particularly suitable for cleaning tanks, reservoirs, silos, wells, etc.
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Additional information

The DUCT A ECO is a completely independent fresh air supplied air respirator. Thanks to its ventilation motor unit, placed outside the work area, it sends fresh air directly into the respiratory protection mask. In fact, unlike other air supply systems, the DUCT A ECO does not require the use of a compressed air cylinder cart or the presence of an air network. Easy to use and offering true flexibility, the DUCT A ECO is ideal for many applications. It is particularly popular for tank cleaning operations, interventions in silos, in wells or in sewers. This fresh air supply system has many advantages for any activity in low oxygen environments.

The DUCT A ECO is available as a kit (electric ventilation motor, harness, manifold with valve and hoses) and delivered in its transport and storage box. The system is designed to connect to a negative pressure mask with RD DIN 40mm universal thread. The motor operates on a 230 Vac power supply. The device has an integrated and replaceable dust filter. This fresh air supply system can be used by 1 or 2 operators simultaneously. The 10-meter air supply hoses combine up to 60 meters for one person and 30 meters per carrier for two people. This equipment operates in difficult conditions from - 20 ° C to + 40 ° C with an atmospheric pressure of 0.8 to 1.1 bar. Various accessories are available: a full class 2 negative pressure mask, a 2nd user kit as well as additional supply hoses.

Supplied air respirator
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