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Dedicated to monitoring volatile organic compounds, the VOC detector XDI-PID is an ATEX certified transmitter, with a 4-20 mA linear output, a digital display and alarm relays.

Détecteur COV (composés organiques volatils) XDI-PID
  • ATEX VOC detector
  • 4-20 mA output + 3 configurable alarm relays (alarms and/or fault)
  • Humidity-resistant (no compensation needed)
  • Solid and resistant device for the most demanding environments
  • Large optional backlit LCD display
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Additional information

VOC detection with a 10.6 eV PID photoionization lamp

VOC detection with a PID photoionization lamp is less subject to contamination and needs less maintenance (contrary to pump systems). This technology makes the XDI-PID volatile organic compounds monitor extremely reliable. The device is also very precise because it offers the possibility to choose 2 measuring ranges (0-50 ppm or 0-1000 ppm).

Main assets of the VOC XDI-PID detector

• ATEX-IECEx compliant (gas & dust)
• Better precision thanks to 2 measuring ranges
• Strong casing resistant to the most demanding environments
• 3 customizable alarm relays (3 alarm relays or 2 alarm relays + 1 fault relay)
• Large optional LCD backlit display (measurement display + configuration)

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