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The PSS 4000 is a lightweight self-contained breathing apparatus primarily dedicated to professional firefighters. Easy to don, the PSS 4000 offers an outstanding and efficient respiratory protection.

Firefighter SCBA PSS® 4000 by Drager, the best self-contained breathing apparatus for firefighters
  • Ultra-lightweight yet robust and easy to use
  • Comfortable and ergonomic backplate
  • Integrated hoses for less clutter
  • Thermal and chemical resistance
  • Optional wireless manometer
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Additional information

The PSS 4000 self-contained breathing apparatus is one of the world’s lightest firefighter SCBAs. Especially designed for use by professional firefighters, this device combines advanced technologies to provide breathing protection.

Lightweight yet very robust, the PSS 4000 self-contained breathing apparatus is very easy to use. It is composed by a flameproof harness with fast and easy adjustment. Air supply and manometer hoses are integrated to the backplate in order to limit clutter and thus reduce risks of potential entanglement and snagging. Moreover these hoses can be easily re-routed on the left or on the right according to the preferences of the user. This way, the PSS 4000 self-contained breathing apparatus provides a real experience of use with improved comfort for the user.

Engineered to be durable, the harness and the backplate of the firefighter SCBA PSS 4000 are made of composite materials ultra-resistant to heat, chemical products and potential impacts. The PSS 4000 has an ergonomic design as its shape perfectly adjusts to the body. Furthermore, the weight is perfectly balanced to offer improved comfort.

For easy maintenance and servicing, this self-contained breathing apparatus has also been designed to be easily dismantled. Thanks to its unique conception, it can be easily cleaned without excessive water absorption in order to reduce cleaning and drying time.

The firefighter SCBA PSS 4000 also features a manometer with a backlit display mounted on the harness. An optional electronic manometer is also available to communicate pressure data wirelessly. Available in option as well, the Bodyguard 1500 personal alert safety system (PASS) can alert in case of prolonged motionless of the operator. This unit can also send data to other monitoring devices with wireless communication.

The PSS 4000 self-contained breathing apparatus is also fully compatible with a whole range of options and accessories such as steel cylinders or carbon composite cylinders, a large choice of lung demand valves, secondary supply hose connections, a twin cylinder configuration, a rapid charge system and so on.


Manufacturer : Dräger

Related applications: Oil and gas - Firefighter equipment

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