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The SE126K controller detects explosive gases thanks to its sensor integrated into its compact housing and has 2 relay outputs.

SE126K explosive gas controller with integrated sensor
  • Butane, Propane or Natural Gas version
  • 2 alarm thresholds (10% and 20% LEL)
  • 2 relay outputs for servos
  • Long life catalytic sensor
  • LED bargraph display
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Additional information

The SE126K unit detects dangerous concentrations of explosive gases (butane, propane, natural gas) with its integrated catalytic sensor. Equipped with 2 relay outputs, the control unit is able to control several servos (solenoid valves, display and warning signals, etc.).

The intuitive LED display, pre-set alarms and the sensor’s integration into the control unit optimize it for easy installation and use: the SE126K unit is ideal for professional kitchens and small boiler rooms, for example.

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