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Especially designed for emergency situations, the Saver CF emergency escape breathing apparatus is the ideal solutions to evacuate environments that rapidly deteriorated. This device provides up to 15 minutes of breathing air for safe evacuation.

Saver CF emergency escape breathing apparatus, short interventions SCBA by Drager
  • Easy to don
  • Hood with large field of view
  • Provides from 10 to 15 minutes of breathing air depending on the model
  • Complies with current standards
  • Reduced maintenance
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Additional information

The Saver CF is a compressed air evacuation breathing apparatus especially designed for emergency situations. Available in two different versions, the Saver CF provides its user 10 or 15 minutes of breathing air autonomy in order to evacuate any hazardous and contaminated area that could affect health.

Easy to don and operate, the Saver CF emergency evacuation breathing apparatus can easily been carried either as a chest bag or over the shoulder. Its flameproof hood has been especially engineered to fit in any morphologies and face shapes including people wearing glasses and/or a beard. Compact and lightweight, the Saver CF breathing can be easily mounted on a wall or any strategic location to ease evacuations from hazardous areas. Featuring a large visor, this hood provides wearer a large field of view.

Regardless the selected model – Saver CF10 or Saver CF15 – this emergency breathing apparatus provides user a pressure of 200 bar for an airflow in the hood of 35 to 37 liters per minute. The 10 minutes version is equipped with a compressed air cylinder made of aluminium that contains 2 liters at 200 bar while the 15 minutes version includes a steel cylinder of 3 liters at 200 bar.

Thanks to advanced technologies, the Saver CF self-contained breathing apparatus is compliant with current standards and regulations on compressed air emergency respiratory protective devices. Moreover, because of its unique design, this device requires hardly no maintenance. A lateral transparent window enables user to quickly and safely control the cylinder manometer without opening the device.

Available in standard orange version with a soft bag, the Saver CF also fateures a black antistatic version that meets even the most demanding requirements for use in explosive atmospheres (ATEX zone 0). An integrated alarm whistle alerts wearer in case of low autonomy of the cylinder for even safer evacuation.

Self-contained breathing apparatus

Manufacturer : Dräger

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