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The ECA 450 combustion analyzer is the ideal device for measuring emissions, optimizing operation and verifying the environmental compliance of combustion equipment. It analyzes up to 7 gases simultaneously: oxygen (O2), carbon oxides (CO and CO2), nitrogen oxides (NO and NO2), sulfur oxides (SO2) and fuels.

Bacharach combustion analyzer ECA 450
  • Industrial grade combustion analyzer
  • Ideal for EN50379 and CTM030 compliance tests
  • Combustion parameters calculation (efficiency, excess air rate, etc.)
  • Internal memory for data recording
  • Built-in printer & large screen
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Additional information

Bacharach's ECA 450 combustion analyzer precisely details the performance of industrial combustion equipment such as combustion furnaces or boiler rooms. The ECA 450 measures and calculates a set of data: flue gas temperature, primary air temperature, combustion efficiency, excess air as well as levels of oxygen, carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, dioxide nitrogen, sulfur dioxide and fuels.

The ECA 450 combustion analyzer comes in the form of an analysis case including a large display and an integrated printer. The device has a 4.57 m sampling hose and a 30 cm sampling probe withstanding up to 800°C. This device has an internal memory for data logging (1000 records).

Combustion analyzers

Manufacturer: Bacharach

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