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Equipped with the DualSense™ technology, the Tango gas detector is the world safest gas detector. This technology uses two sensors to detect only one gas.

monogaz portable detector TANGO TX1
  • Gas detection : CO, H2S, NO2 or SO2
  • Loud audible (100 dB at 10 cm), visual and vibrating alarm
  • Compact and lightweight : 9,9 cm x 5,1 cm x 3,5 cm
  • Dual sensor technology for optimal reliability and security
  • Battery-powered non-stop operation for 3 years
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Additional information

The TANGO TX1 portable single-gas detector uses two sensors to detect one gas. This DualSense™ patented technology offers the most accurate measures for a single-gas detector. Its battery operates 24 hours a day for three years – depending on application. Once the detector turns off, the battery needs to be replaced.


Four versions of the TANGO TX1 are available. The CO version detects carbon monoxide from 0 to 1,000 ppm. The H2S version enables hydrogen sulfide detection between 0 and 200 ppm. NO2 version measures nitrogen dioxide concentrations between 0 and 150 ppm. Lastly, the SO2 version monitors presence of sulfur dioxide between 0 and 150 ppm.


The TANGO TX1 portable single-gas detector features a 100 dB at 10cm audible alarm. A stroboscopic visual alarm (red and blue) is added to the audible warning for noisy and/or dark areas. A vibrating alarm is also available. Two alarm thresholds are defined: low alarm (prevention threshold) and high alarm (evacuation threshold).


Compact and lightweight - 9,9 cm x 5,1 x 3,5 cm – the TANGO TX1 portable gas detectors is made of robust materials to operate in harshest environments. TANGO TX1 is ATEX approved under current EU regulations.

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