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The Dräger simultaneous test kits allow measurement (semi-quantitative measurement by reactive tubes) of fire, decomposition and fumigation gases to carry out fast hazard assessment.

Dräger simultaneous test kits for fire, decomposition and fumigation gas detection
  • 5 gases simultaneous measurement by reagent tubes
  • Fast and reliable results
  • Simultaneous fire and decomposition gas testing
  • Simultaneous fumigation gas testing
  • Operation with Dräger manual or automatic pump
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Additional information

Easy to use, the Dräger simultaneous test kits are a benchmark for risk assessment and allow rapid measurement of the presence of gases at dangerous concentration levels.

Dräger simultaneous tests consist of 5 labeled test tubes arranged in parallel in a box. The test is carried out using the Accuro manual pump or the Dräger X-act 5000 automatic pump. The sampled air is analyzed by the 5 reagent tubes simultaneously, the measurement results are displayed by capillary action and can be read on the tubes marked from “harmless” to “extremely dangerous”.

Dräger simultaneous tests for fire and decomposition gases are used to measure the presence of various substances (inorganic and organic vapors) at the origin and / or resulting from a combustion process (complete or incomplete).

Dräger simultaneous fumigation gas tests (test I and II) measure the various substances possibly present following fumigation processes (formaldehyde, hydrogen phosphorus, hydrocyanic acid, methyl bromide, ethylene oxide, ammonia).

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Manufacturer : Dräger

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