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The Dräger Flow Check Air Current Detector is a device that detects a leak or air current by producing a stream of white smoke from a bulb containing a smoke solution. The dispersion of this smoke makes it possible to precisely locate and identify the direction of any air movement.
Draeger Flow Check air current detector drager
  • Ideal for air flow control, ventilation and HVAC systems
  • Handy and easy-to-use portable device
  • Rechargeable NiCd battery, 20 min autonomy
  • Available as a complete ready-to-use kit.
  • Excellent value
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Easy to use and particularly effective for accurately locating air leaks, the Flow Check is used in many areas such as industry, ventilation systems and HVAC control.

The Flow Check air current detector is available as a complete kit with a carrying case, a battery charger, 3 smoke bulbs and a battery pack.

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Manufacturer : Dräger

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