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Dräger diffusion tubes are dosimetric tubes used to control individual exposures and in particular the TWA (average exposure value) measurement.

Measures NH3, C4H6, NO2, CO2, CO, H2S

Dräger diffusion tubes for TWA monitoring
  • Simple and precise TWA measurement
  • Graduated scale on the tube
  • Economical measuring device
  • Plastic clip fixing
  • Does not require a sampling pump
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Additional information

Dräger diffusion tubes quantitatively measure the presence of a gas in ambient air. Also called dosimeter tubes or passive reagent tubes, they are particularly popular for TWA controls. Attached to the worker by a clip, the diffusion tube measures the targeted substance throughout the individual's work period (usually 8 hours).

Dräger diffusion tubes require no special tools or know-how to perform measurements. The result can be read directly on the graduated tube.

Reagent tubes

Manufacturer : Dräger

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