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Dräger smoke tubes for air current detection actuated via the air flow tester are used to detect leaks and drafts. The rubber bulb is used to pass air through the tube, creating visible white smoke carried by even the slightest draft that exists.

Dräger air flow tester & smoke bulbs
  • Easy handling
  • Quick identification of air currents
  • Available as a kit with carrying case
  • Reclosable smoke tube for reuse
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Additional information

The smoke tubes associated with the Dräger smoke bulb air flow tester allow you to quickly identify a leak or a draft and observe the point of origin, its speed and its orientation.

By activating the Dräger air flow tester smoke bulb connected to a smoke tube, white smoke is generated and can detect a draft or a leak with the naked eye.

The Dräger air flow tester and a pack of 10 smoke tubes are available as a kit along with a carrying case and sealing plugs (allowing unused tubes to be fully closed).

Colorimetric gas detector tubes

Manufacturer : Dräger

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