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The Dräger Aerotest system allows you to control the quality of the breathing air in high pressure or low pressure networks in compliance with the EN 12021 standard.

Dräger Aerotest breathing air quality control
  • Quick and easy to use (measurement time 5 minutes)
  • Air quality control of compressed air cylinders
  • Air quality control of air supply systems
  • Quantitative measurement by reagent tubes
  • Dräger oil impactor
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Additional information

The Aerotest is the ideal device for checking compliance with the EN 12021 standard concerning compressed breathing air quality. Using Dräger reagent tubes, this device quantitatively measures potentially dangerous substances that may be present in a compressed air cylinder or in an air supply network: carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oils, aerosols, and water vapor. The Aerotest quickly delivers a precise measurement that can be transmitted to a computer from which a control certificate can be printed.

The Dräger Aerotest is available in 2 versions: the Aerotest Alpha for low pressure (0-15bar, breathing air networks, air supply), and the Aerotest Simultan HP for high pressure (200-300 bar, SCBA, compressed air cylinder). The two versions of the Aerotest are delivered in their carrying case including all the necessary accessories for measurements (stopwatch, tube cutter, 5 sintered metal filters, bubble test tube).

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Manufacturer : Dräger

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