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Disposable gas detector for SO2, CO, H2S or O2 hazardous concentration levels monitoring. Pac® 6000 features a 2 years maintenance free lifetime.

Drager disposable gas detector PAC 6000 for reliable gas monitoring
  • Dust and water proof.
  • Easy and comfortable use, high accuracy measurements.
  • LED visual, audible (90 dB) and vibrating alarms.
  • Lower purchase and operating costs.
  • ATEX, CE, IECEx and cCSAus compliant.
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Additional information

Designed to precisely monitor carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), hydrogen dioxide (SO2) or oxygen (O2), the disposable portable gas detector Pac 6000 alerts of gas presence with a very efficient response time and strong performances.


This disposable detector can fit in any situation with an operation temperature between -40°C and +55°C. The Pac 6000 is precise and reliable in every situation, even in the toughest conditions.


Thanks to its extended measuring range, the Pac 6000 provides optimal safety and efficiency with for example CO concentrations measurements from 1 up to 1,999 ppm.


With its robust design, this disposable gas detector ensures continuous safety up to two years with virtually no maintenance required. The large backlit display indicates gas concentrations and the battery capacity. In addition the Pac 600 logs concentrations and any alarm event in its internal memory.


Its two bright, flashing 360° LEDs and its 90 DB acoustic alarm ensure that the alarm is easily seen from all sides. With an oxygen or a carbon monoxide sensor, the Pac 6000 has two additional alarm thresholds as a supplement to the standard settings.


Each version of the Pac 6000 features a reliable and sustainable filter that features IP 68 protection. When the filter is soiled, it can be easily and quickly replaced.

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