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Comfortable and efficient, the Dräger CVP 5220 cooling vest is a garment that lowers the skin temperature by 3 to 4°C. With automatic cooling starting at 28°C this cooling jacket is ideal for physical efforts in high temperatures.

Dräger CVP 5220 cooling vest for hazmat suit
  • Up to 4 hours cooling
  • Fast regeneration of the 20 PCM elements
  • Comfortable worn under protective clothing
  • Without pre-cooling or soaking
  • 4 sizes available
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Additional information

Ideal for physical work at high temperatures, the Dräger CVP 5220 cooling vest is ready immediately without prior preparation. It automatically develops a cooling effect for up to 4 hours without the need to freeze or immerse the cooling elements in water.

Hazmat suits

Manufacturer : Dräger

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