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The Dräger CPS 5900 hazmat suit is a category 1a limited use suit providing tight protection against gases, liquid hazmat, liquid aerosols and solid particles. The self-contained breathing apparatus worn under the suit for maximum protection.

Hazmat suit Dräger CPS 5900 providing biohazard, dusts and chemical protection
  • Flexible and comfortable to wear
  • Breakthrough time over 480 minutes
  • 5 sizes available (S, M, L, XL & XXL)
  • Operating temperature from -30 to + 60°C
  • Certifications: EN 943-1: 2002, EN 943-2: 2002 (ET), SOLAS
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Additional information

The CPS 5900 limited use hazmat suit combines quality, comfort and a high safety level. It is ideal for low risk exposure conditions (measurement operations, controls, inspections, transfers, etc.). This equipment withstands operating in -30°C to +60°C temperatures and can be stored between -20°C and +25°C.

The resistance of the CPS 5900 hazmat suit is particularly effective and allows it to be worn in long-term applications. It offers breakthrough times greater than 480 minutes in presence of acetone, acetonitrile, ammonia, 1,3-Butadiene, carbon disulfide, chlorine, dichloromethane, diethylamine, ethyl acetate , ethylene oxide, hydrogen chloride, lewisite (L), methanol, methyl chloride, mustard gas (HD), n-heptane, sarin (GB), sodium hydroxide 40% sodium, 96% sulfuric acid, tetrachlorethylene, tetrahydrofuran, toluene, and VX.

The CPS 5900 is approved to US, European and Marine standards (SOLAS) requirements for the use of gas tight suits in the industry and for firefighters.

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Manufacturer : Dräger

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