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The CO2 detection column gives a clear indication of the presence of carbon dioxide in a room thanks to its three-color light display system.

CO2 detection column by Werma
  • Visual LED indications related to traffic lights
  • Ideal for rooms open to the public (classrooms, meeting rooms, restaurants, schools, etc.)
  • Used to monitor IAQ, air renewal quality and potentially contagious aerosols
  • Precalibrated infrared CO2 sensor – Very easy to install and use
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Additional information

The CO2 detection light column can indicate the level of carbon dioxide concentration in a room thanks to its LED system. The traffic light on this equipment clearly indicates the CO2 concentration level: green healthy ambient air, yellow ventilation recommended (1000 to 2000ppm), red ventilation required (2000 to 3000 ppm), flashing red (> 3000 ppm) immediate ventilation necessary.

This detection equipment is dedicated to monitoring indoor air quality. Indeed, carbon dioxide is a particularly dangerous and asphyxiating gas. In a closed room, his concentration is heightened by people’s exhaled air. In addition, measuring CO2 makes it possible to assess interior air quality in a room and in particular the presence of aerosols. The presence of the CO2 detection column will allow occupants to move in healthy air by ventilating a room when necessary.

The CO2 detection column can be placed on a table or mounted on a square less than 2m from the ground. This equipment is delivered with its precalibrated CO2 sensor and its 1.50m power cable.


CO2 detector
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