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The Monoxor Carbon Monoxide Analyzer by Bacharach enables the precise measurement and control of combustion engine exhaust gases.

Carbon monoxide analyzer Monoxor by Bacharach
  • Precalibrated B-smart high performance sensor
  • CO levels measurement up to 650ºC
  • Hands-free sampling rod
  • Infrared printer option
  • Backlit LCD display
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Additional information

The Bacharach portable carbon monoxide analyzer is ideal for diagnosing, maintaining and optimizing the performance of many combustion engine equipment (boilers, burners, forklift engines, etc.).

Bacharach's Monoxor analyzer is available as 2 different devices. The Monoxor Plus, with a 0 to 2000 ppm CO measurement range, can be used to control boilers, ovens or gas appliances. And the Monoxor XR is ideal for measuring carbon monoxide emissions from forklifts and other combustion engines thanks to its extended 0 to 80,000 ppm measurement range.

The Monoxor CO analyzer is designed for optimal performance: it offers a 300 to 700 cm3 / min sampling flow rate, an up to 20 hours autonomy, an ultra resistant ABS plastic case, a 100 records memory, and a 2 year warranty (sensor included).

This carbon monoxide analyzer is delivered with its carrying case and standard sampling rod. An infrared printer kit, a special exhaust rod, and a 3-meter thermocouple for the flue gas temperature are also available as an option to best suit all applications. Finally, the Monoxor analyzer is compatible with the Bacharach Combustion application (Android and iOs).

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Detected gas: Carbon monoxide

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