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Especially designed for operations requiring air supply on a long perdiod of time, the PAS AirPack 2 breathing air cart is a relevant solution when there is no compressed air network. It is notably used in offshore applications.

breathing air trolley with supplied air respirator system by Dräger Pas Airpack2
  • Robust and resistant steel frame
  • Efficient and powerful pneumatic system
  • Up to two B50 compressed air cylinders
  • Customizable equipment
  • Compatible with Panorama Nova and FPS7000 masks
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Additional information

As a combination of cutting edge materials and technologies, the PAS AirPack 2 breathing air trolley by Dräger has been especially designed for environments without compressed air network and where the use of a self-contained breathing apparatus is required.

Made of resistant and rugged steel, the frame of the PAS AirPack 2 breathing air cart is treated with an epoxy power coating against corrosion. This way, this device can be used with supplied air respirators in environments that may contain humidity and/or corrosive chemical products. For an enhanced protection against corrosion, the steel used to create the frame is also pre-treated to zinc. This frame is equipped with a fixed angle with four wheels including two rotating wheels for improved mobility. In order to ease loading and downloading of compressed air cylinders, this frame can also be tipped. Moreover, each cylinder is safely and independently fixed to the frame with two safety chains.

In addition to its steel frame, the PAS AirPack 2 breathing air trolley features relevant and useful functions like an optional lifting arm, a pneumatic system and an air supply hose reel with breaking mechanism. The pneumatic system includes a pressure relief valve, a safety alert unit and a pressure reducer.

Entirely customizable and modular, the AirPack 2 mobile air cart can be equipped with one or two pneumatic systems enabling the connection of up to four operators. It is also available with one or two air supply hose reel. This 50 meters hose can be extended up to 100 meters via a CEJN connector.

PAS AirPack 2 can carry up to two B50 compressed air cylinders under a pressure of 200 or 300 bar. Thanks to these cylinders, users can operate during long periods. Lastly, the PAS AirPack 2 is compatible with Panorama Nova and FPS7000 panoramic masks. These full face supplied air respirator masks offer a large and clear field of view in order to ease any application.

Supplied air respirators - SAR systems

Manufacturer : Dräger

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