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The Oldham BM25 area gas monitor can detect from 1 up to 5 gases. This powerful gas detector is not a personal protective equipment but a collective area protective equipment.

Oldham BM25 area gas monitor
  • Weekly or monthly rental
  • ATEX multigas area monitor
  • Detection of AsH3, CO2, COCl2, combustible gases, H2, HCN, HCl, HF, H2S, NO, NO2, O2, PH3, SO2, VOC
  • Configurable according to your needs
  • Provided with every accessory
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Additional information

As its name implies, the BM25 area gas monitor is designed to monitor a specific zone were people are working. In its 4 gas version, the BM25 features an autonomy of around 100 hours and is fully charged within 4 hours.

According to the most specific needs, many configurations are available. The Oldham BM25 area gas monitor indeed features a large range of sensors to detect up to 5 gases like arsine (AsH3), carbon dioxide (CO2), phosgene (COCl2), the combustible gases, hydrogene (H2), hydrogene cyanide (HCN), hydrogene chloride (HCl), hydrogene fluoride (HF), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), oxygene (O2), phosphine (PH3), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and the volatile organic compounds (VOC).

In order to alert every worker evolving in the monitored area of any gas hazard, the BM25 area gas monitor features a two-way 103 dB audible alarm at one meter. A high visibility red light is added to the safety unit to evolve safely in noisy and/or dark areas.

The BM25 is equipped with a backlit graphic LCD display for better reading of values. The "FLIP-FLAP" function (display reversal depending on the area monitor position) is also integrated. As it is made with robust material, the BM25 suits in the harshest environments and is compiant with the IP66 ingress protection level. Is also meets major current EU ATEX standards.

Area gas monitors
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