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The G7c Geolocated PASS is an ATEX personal alert safety system permanently connected to the Blackline Monitoring Center or to your internal online safety dashboard. This lone worker protection device can detect falls, immobility (man down signal) and signal incidents using the panic button. In addition, the Blackline Safety G7c also offers a walkie-talkie function that connects all users of a safety network on the same channel.

Blackline G7c geolocated pass
  • 24/7 Blackline Monitoring Center
  • PASS device with PTT button (push to talk)
  • Fall and immobility monitoring, automatic and manual alarm release
  • GPS location refreshed each 5 mins (5m precision)
  • 18 hours blife of 18h in normal use
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Personal alert safety system

Manufacturer : Blackline Safety

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