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The Dräger PAS air purifying unit for supplied air respirators has been designed to efficiently purify any air source for supplied air respirators. Thus, they remove solid and liquid particles, vapors and even odors from the air supply.


  • Wall mounted or portable version
  • User adjustable air pressure
  • Coalescent filter and active carbon filter
  • Compatible with the PAS apparatus range
  • Robust and stable housing
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Additional information

The PAS air purifying units are especially designed to efficiently purify air from any breathing air supply that is required for use with airline systems. They are thought to remove any liquid or solid particle as well as vapors and odors that might be present for example in a compressed air factory network. Thanks to this air purifying system, each operator is provided breathing air that exceeds the requirements of the DIN EN 12021 standard.


The PAS air purifying unit for supplied air respirators is available in two versions. A wall mounted version enables the user to fix the purifying unit to a wall and to move in any directions, air supplying hose connectors being place under the unit. A portable version is also available for this air filter unit for supplied air respirator. This version can be placed on the ground and is equipped with a handle in order to be easily transported. This portable version features three legs in order to be steadily placed on an irregular ground. Furthermore, these legs protect the unit against potential stains (wastewater, sludge…). Regardless of the selected version, the enclosure of the PAS air purifying unit is made of polyethylene for improved ruggedness.


The PAS filter unit features a coalescent filter that removes solid and liquid particles including oil droplets and vapors and an active carbon filter that removes unpleasant smells that may be present in the air network. A pre-filter is also available optionally for use in a heavy dirty environment.


Depending to the supplied airline respirator used in addition to this air purifying unit, the user can manually adjust pressure in the filter. This adjusted pressure is indicated on an integrated manometer. Lastly, maximum 3 or 5 operators can be simultaneously connected to the PAS unit depending on the version used (760L/min or 1080L/min). The PAS air purifying unit is compatible with Panorama Nova and FPS7000 full face masks.

Supplied air respirators

Manufacturer : Dräger

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