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Especially designed to simultaneously detect from 1 up to 7 gases, the X-am 8000 portable multi gas detector can also be equipped with an external sampling pump to draw remote samples. For combustible gas (catalytic or infrared), amines, Cl2, ClO2, CO, CO2 (electrochemical or infrared), H2, H2S, HCN, NH3, NO, NO2, O2, O3, PH3, SO2 and volatile organic compounds (10.6 eV PID lamp) monitoring.

7 gas monitor by Drager: the X-am 8000 multi gas detector with 5 sensors
  • Five sensor locations to detect up to 7 gases
  • Inductive charging
  • Colored display for easy readouts
  • Impact detection system
  • Optional external gas sampling pump
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Additional information

Especially designed for use in pump mode or diffusion mode, the X-am 8000 portable multi gas detector can simultaneously monitor up to 7 gases.


Particularly well-suited to perform control measurement before operating in confined spaces, the 7 gas monitor X-am 8000 can be equipped with an external sampling pump available in option. Using the pump mode is very convenient and useful to monitor spaces hard to access. Easy to mount and to remove, this pump requires no tools and is it very easy to switch from diffusion mode to pump mode.


Compact and discrete, this portable 7 gas monitor features 3 navigation keys and a colored display for easy and swift measurement values readout. Very convenient, this detector has been engineered for one-handed operation. As it is also robust and rugged, this multi gas detector is extremely efficient in hostile environments and in the harshest conditions.


This device also features three bright LED indicators based on a color code compliant with the NF EN 60079-29-1, NF EN 45544-1 and NF EN 50104 standards. This way, the red light indicates an alarm due to hazardous concentrations gas; the yellow light an alarm is related to a device failure –like a low battery status for example - and the green light indicates the proper operation of the device and that it is ready for use. In case of an alert event, audible (110 dB at 30 cm) and vibrating alarms are activated in addition to the visual alarm.


The 7 gas monitor X-am 8000 also integrates an impact detection system. This way, any mechanical impact that can damage the device is stored in the device’s memory. This data is stored in the device internal memory that can also store data on hundreds of exposure hours.


Lastly, the X-am 8000 portable mutli gas detector is powered by a lithium-ion battery that can be charged through an induction charger. Thanks to this innovative non-intrusive charging system, common issues from standard charging systems are removed – such as pin corrosion and contact problems.

Portable multi gas detectors
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