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Gas detection controller with 4 or 8 analog and/or digital channels (up to 32 detectors allocated to 8 channels) for monitoring gases in the atmosphere.

Fixed gas detection controller Oldham MX43
  • Many upgrade opportunities (additional cards)
  • 5 alarm levels
  • 5 fully programmable alarm relays + fault
  • Integrated sounder and visual signal
  • Communication: RS 485, proprietary protocol, 9,600 Baud
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Additional information

Especially designed to be flexible, versatile and easy to use, the Oldham MX 43 gas detection controller is an analogic and digital controller that allows up to 32 detectors to be distributed on 8 lines.


Because of its digital technology and its 8 measuring lines, the MX 43 gas detection controller enables cost savings when wiring a fixed gas detection system. This way, it can combine digital lines and analog channels to fit in any installation type.


Its large graphic backlit LCD display is fully customizable by the user and can simultaneously display from 1 to 16 channels. The smart keys enables to navigate the intuitive menus and easy operation.


This gas detection controller is available both in wall-mounted version or rack version and is made to manage any 4-20 mA or digital contact signals in order to control a whole installation. Moreover, as it is fully configurable by the user with the dedicated COM 43 software, the MX 43 gas detection controller enables operators to reach advanced functions and easier and faster setup. It is yet highly recommended to firstly follow a specific training before using this computer embedded application.


Its integrated datalogger can store up to 512 events. Furthermore, thanks to a dedicated USB port, the MX 43 can also record data with a frequency from 2 seconds up to 15 minutes. The provided 4GO USB stick offers a storage capacity for 2 years in almost any configurations. This stick enables real-time recording of every event but also to automatically save the device configuration and internal software.


This multichannel gas detection controller is IP 55 approved in wall mounted version and IP 31 approved in rack version. It features 5 alarm levels, 5 fully programmable alarm relays and one fault relay and an audiovisual alarm (integrated beacon and siren).

Gas detection controllers

Manufacturer : Oldham

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