VAR 18 Breathing air quality analyzis (standard EN 12021)

The VAR 18 is an air quality monitor dedicated to breathing air distribution networks. Supplied in a wheeled case or in a 19" metallic box, the VAR 18 allows to permanently check CO, CO2, O2, hygrometry, oil vapors and dust particles in order to be in conformity with the NF EN 12021 & AREVA standard.

  • Breathing air quality analyzer complying with NF EN12021 (standard for compressed air meant to be used in self-contained breathing apparatus)
  • Continuous measurement of CO, CO2, O2, hygrometry, oil vapors and dusts
  • Traceability of data, alarms, calibrations over a period of 10 years 
  • Available in 19'' rack version or reinforced case on wheels
  • 7'' touch screen LCD display, configurable thresholds
Additional information

The VAR 18 is intended for the analysis of the air quality for supplied air respirator systems (masks, hoods, suits...) powered by an air network or a breathing air trolley and for self-contained breathing apparatus fed by compressed air cylinders.

With its robust construction, the VAR 18 is equipped with pressure and flow regulators allowing precise measurements without variations in time of the parameters specified in the NF EN12021 standard & the AREVA device: carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen level (O2), hygrometry (water content in the breathable air), oil vapors (volatile organic compounds) and impurities (dust).

The VAR 18's color touch screen allows you to visualize the values, trend curves and 24-hour history of each measurement. The calibration of the sensors is done from the touch screen. Options are available to add other sensors such as nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2) or even ammonia (NH3).

It is possible to retrieve the data of breathing air quality controls, alarms and calibrations of the last 10 years on an SD card. The VAR 18 breathing air quality analyzer is equipped with a 24 volt alarm output and can be equipped with an optional printer for ticketing purposes. Thanks to its 3 preconfigured communication ports, it is possible to communicate with the controller with different protocols.