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GazDetect Blog

Our GazDetect blog features news and information on different gas applications, gas & particles potential risks and hazards, gas safety issues, prevention & protection. You’ll learn more about any gas related news in various sectors such as industry, public works or even housing…

gazdetect blog News on gas detection and respiratory protection technology

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toxic seaweed: sargassum gas detectors on the carribean & west indies beaches

Sargassum seaweed: gas detectors on the carribean & west indies beaches

Since May 2018, the sargassum seaweed massive stranding on beaches phenomenon is back in the West Indies, Cuba, the Caribbean and even Mexico. What are the consequences of the brown algae decomposition? Which gases are released? What are the detection and protection means against this sargassum gas? The sargassum seaweed phenomenom Sargassum seaweed – also known as brown algae – is a type of algae evolving in huge beds in the Atlantic (some beds diameter exceed 45km). Since 2011, massive beachings of sargassum seaweed on the Carribean coasts of the Atlantic has been a real environmental...

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the WW1 gas mask in the trench warfare inferno

The Great War: The WW1 gas mask in the trench warfare inferno

  Even if there were patents, known processes and early stages of respiratory protective equipment before early 20th century,...
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What is biogas ?

Composition and use of the biogas. The methanization, namely the digestion of organic matter (decomposition of vegetal or...
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The use of ethylene in the food industry

The develompent of the refrigeration industry, particularly with the refrigerant fluids enabled the transport of food thousands...
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GazDetect Welding respiratory protection

Whatever their nature, the fumes released while welding are classified since 1990 by the IARC (International Agency for Research...
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The formaldehyde, a highly toxic VOC

What is a volatile organic compound ? The volatile organic compounds, better known as VOC, include many thousands of substances...
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The hazards of phosphine gas fumigation

What is phosphine ? Phosphine (PH3) is a gas composed by phosphorus hydride (wich official and international name is phosphane). This...
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