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GazDetect Blog

Our GazDetect blog features news and information on different gas applications, gas & particles potential risks and hazards, gas safety issues, prevention & protection. You’ll learn more about any gas related news in various sectors such as industry, public works or even housing…

gazdetect blog News on gas detection and respiratory protection technology

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Hydrogen in a battery room, hazards of eletric carts battery charging

Battery room and hydrogen: hazards and gas detectors

A battery room involves a danger due to hydrogen. The use of electric forklifts, stackers and pallet carts results in the release of hydrogen gas when charging their batteries. For the safety of nearby people and infrastructure, a charging room must be equipped with a gas detection system for explosive atmospheres. Regularly called upon for this issue in multiple industries, the GazDetect team examines the hydrogen danger in battery rooms and presents dedicated solutions.   Hydrogen in battery rooms   Hydrogen emissions in battery charging rooms A battery room intended to...

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Why detect refrigerant leaks

Why detect refrigerant leaks?

The use of refrigerant leak detectors makes it possible to guard against the dangers of refrigerant gas but also to ensure proper...
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The FFP2 mask protecting against coronavirus

The FFP2 mask facing the coronavirus

At the start of 2021, the FFP2 mask is becoming increasingly popular to fight against the spread of Covid-19. This air purifying...
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Ozone cleaning : hazards and protective equipment

Ozone cleaning: hazards and protective equipment

If we hear a lot about ozone pollution peaks or about the ozone layer protecting the planet from UV rays, one aspect of this...
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how to clean a gas mask respirator

Mask cleaning & maintenance

Unfortunately too often neglected, the maintenance and cleaning of respiratory protection masks are essential to their proper...
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the flu mask against coronavirus

The flu mask

In the last few days we received many requests for flu masks in connection with the development of the 2019-nCoV coronavirus...
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Beekeeper respirator for varroa treatment respiratory protection equipment

Varroa Treatment & Beekeeper respiratory protection equipment

As a beekeeper is both a breeder and a producer, he/she has to provide each bee swarm a shelter in a clean environment as well...
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