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GazDetect Blog

Our GazDetect blog features news and information on different gas applications, gas & particles potential risks and hazards, gas safety issues, prevention & protection. You’ll learn more about any gas related news in various sectors such as industry, public works or even housing…

gazdetect blog News on gas detection and respiratory protection technology

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how to choose your respirator. Gas mask or powered respirator?

Gas mask vs powered respirator PAPR: how to choose air purifying respiratory protection equipment

Choosing the right respiratory protective equipment ensures a high safety level to all users and for all applications. For atmospheres with a minimum of 19.5% oxygen, 2 filtering respiratory protection solutions exist: the classic respiratory protective mask (more commonly known as a gas mask) or powered air purifying respirator devices.   In air purifying respiratory protection, the choice between a conventional mask or a powered mask is simple. Our experts recommend: A classic respiratory protective mask (gas mask) for interventions or short duration situations A powered air...

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Beekeeper respirator for varroa treatment respiratory protection equipment

Varroa Treatment & Beekeeper respiratory protection equipment

As a beekeeper is both a breeder and a producer, he/she has to provide each bee swarm a shelter in a clean environment as well...
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the WW1 gas mask in the trench warfare inferno

The Great War: The WW1 gas mask in the trench warfare inferno

  Even if there were patents, known processes and early stages of respiratory protective equipment before early 20th century,...
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toxic seaweed: sargassum gas detectors on the carribean & west indies beaches

Sargassum seaweed: gas detectors on the carribean & west indies beaches

Since May 2018, the sargassum seaweed massive stranding on beaches phenomenon is back in the West Indies, Cuba, the Caribbean...
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what is biogas

What is biogas ?

Composition and use of biogas Methanization, namely the digestion of organic matter (decomposition of vegetal or animal matters)...
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Atmospheric pollution: causes and symptoms

On September 2015, the French newspaper RFI published an article about the number of deaths caused sby the atmospheric pollutionn...
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The use of ethylene in the food industry

The develompent of the refrigeration industry, particularly with the refrigerant fluids enabled the transport of food thousands...
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