G7c geolocated PASS for lone worker protection

As part of lone worker protection, the G7c is a geolocated lone worker alarm system (DATI). It alerts you in the event of a fall, abnormal immobility or aggression, while communicating the precise location of the event. The push-to-talk function (optional) means you can combine an IWTD and a walkie-talkie in the same device.

  • Geolocated lone worker alarm device (DATI) for safe and effective lone worker protection.
  • Detection of falls, immobility and manual alarm triggering
  • PTT (push-to-talk) function for use as a walkie-talkie
  • GPS location updated every 5 minutes (5m accuracy)
  • Long battery life of 18h in normal use
Additional information

The Blackline G7c lone worker alarm system is the only portable ATEX Zone 0 device capable of providing lone worker protection with geolocation (immobility, fall, panic button), a permanent contact with a monitoring centre for raising doubts and providing assistance, and an optional walkie-talkie function for communicating with emergency services. It has a SIM chip that enables it to communicate using the various networks available within its range, while selecting the most powerful (roaming function).

A real-time dashboard accessible from the Blackline Live portal providing a detailed view of all devices in service. This will enable incidents to be detected as they occur and a distress signal to be sent to surveillance staff in real time, who will be able to trigger an emergency response tailored to each situation (SOS latch, automatic detection of a fall, lack of movement or clocking in, etc.).