ELK800 High-pressure gas solenoid valve 6 bar

The high-pressure gas solenoid valve ELK800 is a gas safety device for pressures up to 6 bar. It is a normally closed solenoid valve, which means it remains closed when there is no power. As soon as the power supply comes back on, it opens automatically to let the gas through.

  • High-pressure gas solenoid valve (maximum pressure 6 bar)
  • F/F gas threaded connections (3/8" to 2"), flanged PN16 UNI2223 (DN65 to DN150)
  • Power supply: 230V (On request: 110V - 50/60 Hz / 12-24 V - AC/DC)
  • Fast opening/closing time: less than 1 second
  • Complies with the EN161 standard and approved by GASTEC PIN 63AQ1350