ELK800 High-pressure automatic gas solenoid valve (Pmax. 6 bar)

The ELK800 high-pressure automatic gas solenoid valve is a gas safety device for pressures up to 6 bar. It is a normally closed solenoid valve, meaning that it remains closed in the absence of power. When the power supply is back, it opens automatically to let the gas through.

  • High-pressure automatic gas solenoid valve (maximum pressure 360 mbar)
  • Threaded F/F gas connections (3/8" to 2"), flanged PN16 UNI 2223 (DN65 to DN150)
  • Power supply: 230V (On request: 110 V - 50/60 Hz / 12-24 V - AC/DC)
  • High-speed opening/closing time of less than 1 second
  • EN 161 compliant and GASTEC PIN 63AQ1350 approved
Additional information

ELK800 series automatic gas solenoid valves control and regulate gas flow up to 6 bar supply pressure. They are mainly used with induced-air burners for example in foundries and industrial furnaces in the glass and ceramics industries. In addition, we offer a whole range of accessories for AIR/GAZ lines, such as pressure switches, pressure gauges, and glass-fronted boxes.