Fall stop or self-retracting reel with cable or strap

The self-retracting reel, ideally with an energy absorber - called also fall stop - is a quick-release braking system that stops a fall in a cushioned and non-violent manner. It is available with a strap specifically designed for work at height, or with a cable (more resistant) for harsh or severe areas such as manholes (cutting risks).

  • Automatic fall stop with energy absorber with strap or cable following EN 360 standard (self-retracting reel fall arrest)
  • Locked automatically and restrains the operator to avoid falling to the ground
  • Strap version: High-density polyethylene lanyard, width 25 mm in 2 or 5 m depending on model (EDGE)
  • Cable version: Highly resistant steel cable of 10, 15, and 20 m (NCS or NSTS)
  • Swivel connector and automatic locking with a drop indicator
Additional information

The fall stop with an energy absorber is attached to an anchor point and connected by strap or cable to the safety harness on the dorsal or sternal attachment point. Several lengths are available depending on the environment in which the operators will work. The principle of operation is similar to the safety belt! It locks automatically in the event of a fall and holds the user to prevent him/her from falling to the ground. The energy absorber acts as a shock damper. Its purpose is to absorb the kinetic energy of the sudden stop of the fall so that it is lower than 6 kN.

As with all category 3 PPE following EN 360 standard, the self-retracting fall arrest, with or without an energy absorber, must be visually inspected before each use. An additional periodic check must be done at least once a year at an authorized service center.