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Supplied air respirator

A supplied air respirator system – also known as an airline respirator system – provides the highest safety level. This respiratory protection equipment belongs to the self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) family and is well suited for long duration works in hostile, low oxygenated or highly toxic environments.

complete supplied air respirator system and airline respirator

  • What is a supplied air respirator?

    Airline respirator systems are self-contained breathing apparatus that do not require wearing a compressed air cylinder. They are composed of a classic SCBA harness (with only one stage pneumatic system) linked to a full face mask through a breathing air hose and an air supply source from a supplied air compressor or a breathing air cart.

    Wearing a supplied air respirator provides the highest safety level for long duration works. Our airline respirator range is designed for use in many industrial applications such as confined space entry (tanks, sewers, crawl spaces…), paint works, asbestos removal or tank cleaning.

  • Airline respirator: breathing air supply options

    A supplied air respirator hose (standard or antistatic for ATEX environments) is connected to the harness bottom with an anti-tear safety system. This breathing airline hose is available in different sizes and can be connected to others to get extended distances (several hundreds of meters).

    Supplied air compressor

    Two air supply sources are available for supplied air respirator hoods and masks.

    The first airline respirator supply system is the most commonly used for fixed workstations. A supplied air respirator compressor coupled with a filtering unit (CO, CO2, NOx, oil and water vapors filtration) brings a theoretically unlimited quantity of breathable air.

    Breathing air cart

    The second source is the breathing air cart that stores one or several compressed air cylinders. This very versatile system is often used for outdoor applications. It features a pneumatic system and enables cylinder replacement during operation.

  • Scba training

    Every worker who needs to use an airline respirator system (or use an SCBA) for professional purpose has to receive supplied air respirator training. Many countries passed laws to create standards and regulations for ensuring proper use of respiratory equipment and to renforce safety at work.

    We offer this service on your site (for selected territories only) or in our French office in the Paris area with theory and practical courses. Our trainers are experienced firefighters and experts in respiratory protection, SCBA and supplied air respirators training.

    ⇒ Learn more about our SCBA & supplied air respirator training course

Our airline respirator - supplied air respirator systems:

Airline filter unit, air purifying filter to remove water, oil and particles from compressed air supply..

  • Airline system Air filtering unit for FLITE
  • Purify the compressor air.
  • Continous filtering of CO, CO2 and oil.
  • Transportable and light.
  • 2 connections for two users.
  • Possible filters replacement.
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  • Respiratory protection Steel cylinders
  • CE specification, painted to BS specification
  • Complete with cylinder valve fitted with safety locking handwheel
  • 1640 litre free air capacity providing total duration of 41 minutes, duration calculated using an average wearer consumption rate of 40 litres per minute
  • Dimensions: 140mm diameter x 610mm long – Fully Charged Weight: 11.9kg
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