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Rescue or evacuation SCBA

Several situations require the use of an insulating respiratory protection equipment rather than a classic respiratory protection. Therefore the gas masks are unefficient when the oxygen rate in the air is unknown or below 19.5% of the colume.
If the concentration of a pollutant exceeds 60 times its OEL, the use of an insulating respiratory protection is required to operate safely. The insulating respiratory protection equipments are divided into two main categories : the classic SCBA and the rescue SCBA.

Safety SCBA
  • The rescue or evacuation SCBA :

    The rescue SCBA – or rescue self-contained breathing apparatus – are equipments designed for the emergency situations. They are engineerd to ensure the intake of breathable air to the workers evolving in a suddenly harmful atmosphere. Therefore they allow the safe evacuation from the contamined area.

    These units shall never be used to enter an already hazardous atmosphere. The 20.9% of oxygen from the breathable air that they contain is not sufficient enough when the user is doing an effort. Anyone who needs to enter an hazardous area shall be equipped with a classic self-contained breathing apparatus. The rescue SCBAs are designed only for the emergency evacuations.

  • Selecting its evacuation unit :

    Open-circuit self-contained breathing apparatus :

    Particularly easy and quick to use the rescue or evacuation SCBAs provide clean breathable air on a determined period to allow people to evacuate safely. The bag opening instantly releases the air from the compressed air cylinder (thanks to a pin system). The user shall just wear the hood and breath normally.

    Closed-circuit self-contained breathing apparatus :

    In addition to the rescue or evacuation SCBA, we also propose self-rescuer masks with chemical generation of oxygen (go to the “Self-rescuer masks”) wich are sometimes prefered for their compact size, a lighter weight and because they are easier to carry on..

Introduction video to the evactuation SCBA

Our rescue or evacuation SCBA :

Self-contained breathing apparatus – CEN-PAQ

CEN-PAQ is very convenient and ideal for short interventions (15, 20 or 30 minutes), highly polluted environment applications or for emergency rescue in confined space or stale environment.

  • High visibility fireproof jacket with VELCRO fastener
  • Warning whistle and pressure gauge
  • Vision3, Promask or Panaseal full face masks
  • Stainless steel or composite compressed air cylinder
  • Compliant with EN137, EN136; EN139 standards
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High autonomy emergency escape breathing device – EBA 6.5

The EBA 6.5 uses compressed oxygen rather than chemically producing oxygen. It can be refurbed for a lower cost.

  • Self-rescuer mask EBA6.5
  • Operating autonomy / rest autonomy: 110 minutes / 8 hours
  • Less than 15 seconds to activate
  • Opening tap activation
  • Compact and lightweight: 21.6 x 30 x 11.4 cm – less than 5 kg
  • Up to 157 L of available oxygen
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Self-contained breathing apparatus – ELSA

Known as one of the world major emergency evacuation breathing devices, the ELSA self-contained breathing apparatus has been designed for quick evacuations from industrial and marine hazardous environments.

  • Swift automatic activation – available in 10 or 15 minutes versions
  • High visibility or standard black bag
  • Hood unique design (three faces)
  • Nickel plated corrosion-resistant components
  • Complies with EN1146 standard and European standards on navy equipment
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Self-rescuer SCSR OXY 3000/6000

Well-suited for emergency evacuation from confined spaces, the OXY 3000/6000 is a SCSR self-contained self-rescue device that chemically produces breathable air. Different versions offer from 30 up to 60 minutes autonomy.

  • drager SCSR oxy 3000 6000 oxygen self rescuer for emergency escape
  • Up to 60 minutes autonomy.
  • Shock absorbent shell to protect the device.
  • Safety Eye for easy visual safety check.
  • Dimensions: 265 x 217 x 125 mm for less than 4 kg.
  • Approved in compliance with SA 89/686/CEE DIN EN 13794 standards and Australian coal mining.
  • Storage shelf life up to 10 years.

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Emergency escape breathing device M20.2

The M20.2 is the world’s smallest emergency escape breathing device (or EEBD). Compact, lightweight and ergonomic, it can be easily belt-mounted.

  • emergency escape breathing device M20.2
  • On use / stand-by duration : 15-20 minutes / 32 minutes
  • Donning time : less than 10 seconds.
  • Compact and lightweight: 18.3 x 16.5 x 7.9 cm – less than 1 kg.
  • Can be refurbished after use.
  • Compressed oxygen air supply.
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