UB20xx ATEX exhaust fan for explosive areas

The UB20xx is an ATEX exhaust fan (COBRA ATEX fan) designed for use in potentially hazardous environments with a risk of explosion. It is particularly suitable for operations in chemical and petrochemical industries, mills and silos, biogas plants, public dumpsites, and water purification and treatment plants.

  • ATEX high-pressure exhaust fan for ventilation or extraction of air in explosive atmospheres
  • Safe switch in explosion-proof housing to avoid risks during ignition
  • IP55 antistatic ABS housing with glass fiber reinforcement and carbon lining
  • Weatherproof, shockproof, fireproof, and chemical resistant
  • 1 392 m3/h flow rate in the open air, 1 025 m3/h with 7.6 m duct + one right angle
Additional information

Powerful, silent (74 dB), and light (10 kg), the UB20xx from RAMFAN is an ATEX-certified exhaust fan for zones classified as type II 2 G EX of IIB T6 G capable of handling a nominal flow rate of 1 392 m³/h in potentially explosive areas or confined spaces (CATEC device). It is a high-pressure axial turbo fan delivered with a 7.6-meter power cable - to be connected in a safe zone - and a 200 mm duct adapter. Numerous ATEX accessories complete equipment, such as fittings, couplings, and antistatic ducts.