AL4 audible and lighted sign

The AL4 audible and lighted sign, which features a 72 dB buzzer and 4 low-energy LEDs delivering 75 cd visual power, is particularly suitable for tertiary applications indoors (offices, storage rooms, laboratories, etc.) or even outdoors under shelter (IP 65). It has been designed to indicate a specific risk or action to take.

  • Lighted and audible sign to indicate specific risks (GAS HAZARD) or actions to be taken (IMMEDIATE EVACUATION)
  • IP65 protection rating for indoor or sheltered outdoor installation
  • Light output: 75 cd with opaque text (see photo) or 451 cd without opaque text
  • 72 dB buzzer (can be disconnected)
  • Multi-voltage 19/60Vdc and 230 Vac 
Additional information

The AL4 audible and lighted sign signals a specific risk or action to be taken. It is suitable for applications in boiler rooms (on incoming access points), in parking lots (to signal a high concentration of exhaust gases), in storage rooms, in laboratories (to signal a risk of anoxia), in hospitals (risk of helium leakage in MRI rooms), as a complement to a gas detection controller equipped with fixed gas detectors

With IP65 protection, it can be installed indoors or outdoors. With its small size and compact footprint, the AL4 audible and lighted sign is easy to install wherever alarm and instruction messages are needed. Several standard messages are available (no entry, gas hazard, immediate evacuation, risk of anoxia, etc.), but customized messages can also be created to suit specific applications. 

The AL4 audible and lighted sign can be used in conjunction with a siren or an audible and illuminated combination to help identify the nature of the hazard. For applications in ATEX zones, the ATEX AL2 illuminated sign is preferred.