Air quality analyzer - IR7000P

With a very competitive price, the IR7000P is a portable, cost-effective and user-friendly unit designed to detect CO2 concentration and ambient air temperature.

  • Air quality analyzer: CO2
  • High-end non-dispersive infrared technology (NDIR)
  • TWA (8 hours) and STEL (15 minutes) values display
  • Internal self-diagnostic function
  • Well-suited to measure CO2 in offices, incubators, greenhouses…
Additional information

The IR7000P portable single-gas detectors using infrared technology has been designed to monitor and measure hazardous concentrations of CO2 (carbon dioxide) and ambient air temperature. This flexible and cost-effective handheld gas monitor uses a nondispersive infrared advanced technology (NDIR) to get accurate and reliable measurements of CO2 expressed in ppm (part per million) in less than 30 seconds.

Its large illuminated screen simultaneously displays both ambient temperature and CO2 concentrations. Values can be displayed as TWA (time-weighted average upon 8 hours) or STEL (short-term exposure limit upon 15 minutes) measurements. Thanks to its RS232 integrated output, the IR7000P CO2 gas detector can simply log data for longer time.

This carbon dioxide gas detection device is ideal for monitoring indoor air quality. This way, an adequate ventilation reduces risks related to the presence of CO2 such as temporary sickness, downtime and lost productivity. IR7000P portable single-gas detector appears to be an ideal solution as well to measure carbon dioxide levels in incubators, greenhouses, food industry or any application where correct CO2 rates are essential for the process outcome.

Powered with 4 replaceable AA alkaline batteries, the IR7000P personal CO2 detector can continuously operate within 24 hours and can be used in high temperature (from 0 to 50°C) and relative humidity (from 0 to 95% non condensing) conditions.

This small and lightweight (approximatively 180 grams without batteries) gas detection equipment features a 80 dB audible alarm to alert user in case of abnormal carbon dioxide concentrations even in noisy environments.

Featuring a long-lasting shelf-life of more than 15 years, the infrared gas detection sensor only requires regular calibrations with fresh air, which makes the IR7000P even more easy to use and user-friendly. The detectors furthermore includes an integrated automatic self-diagnostic function.

Lastly, its rugged case made of ABS/PC combination is IP30 approved against solid foreign bodies.