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Powered air purifying respirator

A powered air purifying respirator is the highest level of filtering respiratory protection. Contrary to classic gas masks that are note positive pressure units, the breathing effort is transferred to an engine that injects a constant filtered air flow into a face piece.

Powered air assisted respirators

  • Powered air purifying respirator features

    A powered air purifying respirator, also known as PAPR, is an enhanced filtering respiratory protective device. A PAPR respirator is composed of a face piece, one or several breathing protective filters (for particles, gas or both), a lightweight engine and a corrugated hose.

    This type of respirator is a positive pressure equipment. This means that the breathing effort is reduced as a motored blower directly injects air into the face piece through a corrugated hose. The main asset for these devices is the reduction of the breathing effort.

    Thus using a positive pressure respirator shall be preferred for demanding and long duration works or for applications in intense heat environments. Moreover, the overpressure generated by an PAPR respirator ensures a high nominal protection factor – higher than provided by a classic gas mask.

  • Powered air purifying hood and mask

    Powered air purifying hood

    Hoods are made of a soft material resistant to some corrosive gases. They cover head and feature a large field of view. With a PAPR hood, airflow is well distributed for enhanced comfort.

    Powered air purifying hood

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    Powered air purifying mask

    Powered air purifying masks are used when a pollutant concentration exceeds 40 times the OEL (occupational exposure limit for 8 hours). Air is directly injected into the PAPR mask close to breathing tracts in order to not dry out the eyes.

    Powered air purifying mask


  • Powered air purifying respirator filter

    The efficiency of a powered air purifying respirator depends on the device tightness (face piece, engine and PAPR filter). /filtering cartridges are labeled with a letter (hood category) and a figure (PAPR respirator tightness level).

    Tightness is measured in percentage of gas pollutant leak into a face piece. Particles pollutants are labeled with SLP – for solid and liquid particles – without any efficiency class.

    TH (Turbo Hood) for hood-style face pieces:

    . TH1 stops 90% of aerosols (10% penetration rate)

    . TH2 stops 98% of aerosols (2% penetration rate)

    . TH1 stops 99,8% of aerosols (0,2% penetration rate)

    TM (Turbo Mask) for mask-style face pieces – half-mask and full face mask:

    . TM1 stops 95% of aerosols (5% penetration rate)

    . TM2 stops 99,5% of aerosols (0,5% penetration rate)

    . THM stops 99,95% of aerosols (0,05% penetration rate)

    Find the proper PAPR filter for your application

    • PAPR limitations and restrictions

      Never use filtering respiratory personal protective equipment in the following situations:

      - Ambient oxygen rate below 19%

      - In confined spaces or any poorly ventilated areas: tanks, tunnels, boat slips…

      - When the substance concentration is unknown or immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH)

      - When the substance concentration exceeds the allowable concentration or the gas mask filter capacity

    Our powered air assisted respirators

    Powered air purifying respirator – PHANTOM

    PHANTOM Vision has been designed to exceed more and more demanding requests of any application that requires a full-face mask.

    • Protection respiratoire filtrante : masque à ventilation assistée
    • Brushless motor for an excellent reliability
    • Available in 3 different sizes to suit everyone
    • Airtight design: reduces service costs
    • Electrical contacts protection and electronical engine management
    • Long lifetime
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    Powered air purifying respirator – TORNADO

    The Tornado powered air purifying respirator range offers the world most versatile respiratory protective solutions.

    • Air purifying respirator against toxic gas and particle
    • Ergonomic design: compact and lightweight turbo motor
    • Powered air reduces breathing effort
    • Very large range of masks and hoods
    • Available with particle, gas or combined filter

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    Powered air purifying respirator Duraflow

    The Duraflow powered air respirator is a versatile solution for hazardous workspaces. It provides a quality respiratory protection for a fair price.

    • The powered air purifying respirator Duraflow PAPR
    • Compatibility with RD DIN 40 universal filter cartridges
    • Rechargeable battery – 2 available version: 8 or 16 hours runtime
    • Automatic airflow regulation (160l/min)
    • Visual alarms, notifications and display
    • CEN1294 & CE0086 certified, IP55/IP67

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    Powered air purifying respirator PROFLOW 2

    The Proflow2 PAPR is a compact and lightweight device featuring a curved backplate for user comfort during long-term applications. This powered air purifying respirator is available in 120L/min or 160L/min versions.

    • complete Scott Safety PAPR powered-air-purifying Proflow2
    • DIN40 standard filters compatible with single-cartridge masks.
    • From 7 to 15 hours runtime depending on the face piece.
    • 70 dB audible low battery alarm.
    • Compatible with many face pieces.
    • Certifications: complies with EN12941 and 12942 standards.
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    Powered air purifying respirator – PROFLOW3 EX

    To date, Proflow3 EX is the only positive pressure respiratory protective equipment against volatile organic compounds on the market (SCOTT Safety patent).

    • Powered air mask Proflow3 EX
    • Better control of VOC removal (AX gas)
    • 120L/min flow to reduce breathing effort for long-term applications
    • From 7 to 15 hours runtime – fully charged within 6 hours
    • Continuous monitoring of remaining battery & filter clogging
    • ATEX certified

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