UB20 Air exhaust fan for confined spaces (CATEC)

Compact and lightweight, the UB20 air exhaust fan - also called COBRA fan - is the reference for confined space ventilation systems in the water and wastewater sector. Reversible, it brings up to 1,392 m3/h of fresh and healthy air in the duct in poorly ventilated, oxygen-poor, or potentially toxic areas.

  • Industrial air exhaust fan for intervention in confined spaces in compliance with the CATEC device
  • Numerous accessories are available: charger + battery pack, ducts, connection sets, turbo-torque, heating system, etc.
  • Double-walled body made of high-density, impact-resistant polypropylene
  • Plastic carrying handle for easy handling
  • Quiet operation of 74 dB
Additional information

The lightweight and very quiet UB20 air exhaust fan has a 0.25 kW motor capable of handling a nominal airflow of 1392 m³/hr. A 7.6 m power cable and integrated adapters allow connecting it to an existing duct. It is widely used on construction sites or confined spaces (CATEC device) thanks to its corrosion, UV, and impact-resistant polypropylene housing.

Available accessories for the UB20 air exhaust fan (COBRA fan):

  • Ducting and quick-connect kit bringing fresh, healthy air to remote, cramped, or hard-to-reach locations.
  • Battery pack + charger to make the unit autonomous on battery with two airflow speeds and modulate the flow according to the needs.
  • Turbo-torque to quickly connect two or more UB20 air fans in series and increase airflow by up to 50% when blowing through long ducts.
  • In-line heating system warming confined spaces, command centers, or rescue shelters for up to 8 hours.